Two people, each has gone for a long time, suddenly meet at a certain point, can no longer be separated. However, people are always selfish. This determines that love and hate are the same in some aspects, there is no sense of sanctity, and sex has become a game. At this time, people began to drift away from love, betraying or betraying themselves. After the content of love is broken, the form of choice dies out. There is always an unspeakable contradiction between morality and morality, which lies in their mutual betrayal. Based on a traditional understanding, people regard love as a necessity, and their experience lies in the spirit of love. Sometimes love is like a pair of shoes that you barely wear. Even if you walk hard, you still have to bear the pain of your feet and not moan. Between the two different classes of people, love is extreme, and unlimited efforts may not be rewarded. What's more wrong is to think that love is a kind of commitment just like yourself. This kind of love becomes a form without content, most of which is teetering. People initially find and in love, when this hope fails, is it out of love? Will he still love each other at this time? This is the so-called form destroying content. The quality of love is always left to oneself to chew, not to others to judge. Or bear, no conditional bear. People are imprisoned in the mode of love, because the form of love has decided everything, everything.